Seven Signs that the Law of Attraction is Working

So, you have decided to try using the Law of Attraction to change your life for the better. How will you know that you are on the right path? When will you see things happening?

Sometimes, when you’re waiting for your dreams to manifest, it’s tricky to know what to expect.

You can be confident that Universe is always there to support you. It ‘has your back’. But it is nice to get confirmation that you are in the process of changing, and to receive reassurance that the energy is shifting. Sometimes this reassurance is in the form of a message or sign letting you know you’re on the path of least resistance.

These 7 common signs can help you feel confident that you are engaging the Law of Attraction and that it is working for you. They come from your higher self, or from the Universe, which is amplifying your requests.

The changes are on their way.

  1. 1Your intuition increases

When you become clearer about your spiritual path and manifesting your desires, your intuition becomes stronger. You might notice yourself saying something right before someone else does, or thinking about a friend just moments before they email with news.

You develop a deep sense of knowing that the frequency of your reality is accelerating. You might go to your phone just before it rings, know that there is a car space in the parking lot when it says it’s full… the list goes on…

When you’re tuned in, you know it.

  1. 2Sequence Numbers 11, 111, 1111 or 11:11

Repeating sequences of numbers are known as Angel Numbers. You might find that you keep noticing the numbers 11, 111 or 111, or frequent instances of other repeated numbers or number patterns.

On some days, everywhere you look at you see the clock at 11:11, car number plates or doors with a 111 sequence on them, receipt numbers or raffle ticket number with 111, or groceries totalling multiples of 1s.

Wherever you see these sequences, just say, “Thank you,” in your heart and know that you have a connection with your angels and the Universe. Acknowledging and being grateful for what you are receiving will bring more of the same into your life. The deep connection you have with the Universe will continue creating abundance within your life.

Whatever the numerical sequence, these Angel Numbers are a strong and powerful form of communication confirming that everything is changing and the manifestation of your goals and dreams is on its way to you. You’re in the flow.

  1. 3Finding Coins or Money

You seem to find coins wherever you go. These may only be small value coins, but the value of the coin is not important. When you find coins, the Universe is demonstrating that your change in thoughts has raised your energetic vibrations and that it wants you to be abundant. It is confirming once again that your efforts have been noticed.

Gratitude is a large part of the Law of Attraction. When you find a coin pick it up and say, “Thank You.” The more you practise gratitude for what you have, the more you will receive.

  1. 4Your spirit guides, animals or totems appear

This one is very personal: There might be certain things that mean something to you spiritually and don’t have the same meaning to others. Signs could include finding a white feather in the park, being visited by a robin, seeing a picture of a unicorn or being followed by white butterflies.

Whichever signs are meaningful to you, as soon as your vibrations start to increase and you’re more ‘on purpose’, your ‘guides’ will make an appearance to show that you’re on the right track.

  1. 5Rainbows

Rainbows have long been a sign of the link between earth and spirit. Once you are in line with the Law of Attraction you will begin to see rainbows in many places, not just in the sky. You might see rainbows in crystals, in the sunshine through a window as it falls across the cover of a book, or in dozens of other places. Once again, this is a sign that manifestations are on their way,

  1. 6Your sleep is more restful and your dreams are deeper

As you fully relax into trusting the Universe, your dreams will become more vibrant, peaceful and real. Your subconscious mind LOVES that you are taking care of it. You are choosing love over fear: Stress, anxiety and concern no longer need show up in your dreams.

  1. 7Synchronicity

People often remark that something had happened by sheer coincidence. Within the Law of Attraction there is no coincidence. There is a phenomenon called synchronicity.

Synchronicity occurs when the Universe conspires to make sure that the right doors are opened for you. It’s where the exact person you need to meet to help bring your dreams and goals to fruition is put in front of you at a meeting, or a sports club, or wherever you may be, or where the thing you most want but think you can’t afford turns up at the local thrift store.

As you practise the Law of Attraction using daily gratitude and visualisations to attract the things and experiences you want, begin to take notice of these signs and to integrate gratitude for them into your day. They will encourage you to trust in the process and to keep up the good work of building towards your own definition of abundance.

Do you have any special signs that you feel are messages from your higher self or the Universe? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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