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Drum roll please…… we have an exciting announcement.

Purple Conversations now has a sister site… Purple Conversations Dating.

Why?  Keep reading……

If you have a good look at all the posts you will eventually come across my post Purple Conversations – The Beginning.  This explains how Purple Conversations came into being.  If you haven’t got the time right now, I’ll explain….. it was all down to internet dating.

Those of you of a certain age, with a good memory for TV commercials, will probably remember Victor Kiam’s advertisement for Remington Shavers and his immortal words ‘I was so impressed, I bought the company’.

Well, I had such a great experience internet dating; I talked Carole into agreeing that Purple Conversations should have its own Dating Site.  So here we are…..Welcome to Purple Conversations Dating. 

Being a ‘mature dater’ in age, although not necessarily in spirit, (like a huge number of my generation I’m still waiting to grow up!) we embrace modern technology. So internet dating is the obvious choice.  Whichever device you prefer, phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or PC.  Me, I swap between all three of mine. It’s so easy to chat. Stay in touch. Read emails. On the go, at home, the office or where ever I happen to be. It’s all part of the fun of internet dating.

If you are new to internet dating or perhaps like me, it’s been a lifetime since the last time you went on a date, then Purple Conversations is here to support you.  We are setting up a couple of Closed Facebook Groups. One for women and one for men. Where you can comment, share your experiences and ask questings.  You don’t have to be a member of Purple Conversations Dating, or even be internet dating to join.  If you have a burning question, a top tip to share or just want to chat with like-minded people about dating or relationships, come and join us and bring your friends.

Why I think you should choose Purple Conversations Dating!

If you are over 50, that includes being in your 60’s 70’s 80’s, even in your 90’s, whatever your current status:  Single; Divorced, Separated or Widowed.  Whether you are looking for fun, love, romance, friendship or companionship, then the Purple Conversations Dating Site is the perfect place for you. We are a specialist dating site solely for the mature dater.  If you are looking to meet like-minded people in your area, for chats, dates and special relationships, then we provide a safe and secure environment in which to connect.

Join today. Set up your profile for free. Start the next phase of your life and begin to build your new memories.


So come along and join in the fun.  If you have any questions just ask below or better still join our Facebook Group for Women or for Men where I will be very happy to try and answer them.   Best wishes. Lesley.

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