Lesley’s Rants

Lesley's Rants

What are Lesley’s Rants all about?

Every so often I’m inclined to get on my ‘high horse’ or ‘throw my toys out of the pram’.  Why, because I feel strongly about something or other.  It could be absolutely anything that’s gotten under my skin.  This is just a gentle warning that in future, I’m going to share these thoughts, feelings with you.

The comments expressed will be my personal viewpoint, they don’t necessarily represent the views of Purple Conversations Group. They will all be headed Lesley’s Rants, and the title will convey the subject matter.  If you feel you might be offended or are likely to be upset by the subject matter, you have my full permission to pass it by.

I hope, however, that you will have the courage to read it, and then express an opinion. Let’s start a conversation. I promise I won’t be offended if your viewpoint differs from mine!

Looking forward to some lively debates.

Best wishes.


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